How to Order Your Protective Pads

(also known as pole pads or pole covers.)
  1. Determine/Confirm the pole is round or square.
  2. Choose the height of the protective pads; our standard heights are 4’ & 6’ tall.
  3. Measure from point to point, the Pole Circumference (around the pole) with a fabric measuring tape or piece of string. Compare your circumference measurement to our size conversion table below.
NOTE:You can be 2” under or between the sizes on the chart; this is because we use a 2” wide Velcro strip that runs the length of the protective pads, allowing you to tighten or adjust the pad as needed.

Now you're ready to order your pole covers!

After you have determined your size, go to the Round or Square Option below & choose the protective pads that fit your needs.

Round Pole
Pole Circumference Pole Cover Size
7-3/4" 2.5 Inch
9-1/2" 3 Inch
12-3/4" 4 Inch
16" 5 Inch
21" 6 Inch
24" 7 Inch
27-1/2"" 8 Inch
31" 10 Inch

Call for Larger Custom Size Pole Covers

pole covers color squares
Square Pole
Pole Perimeter Pole Cover Size
12-1/4" 3 Inch
15-1/2" 4 Inch
19-1/2" 5 Inch
23-1/2" 6 Inch
27-1/2" 7 Inch
30-3/4" 8 Inch
34-1/2"" 10 Inch

Call for Larger Custom Size Pole Covers

Volume Discount for orders of 2 or more.
4' Round 4' Square
product 1 - protective pads
product 2 - protective pads
6' Round 6' Square
product 3 - protective pads
product 4 - protective pads
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